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It is Europe championship =UEFA EURO that it is the 1 big event of the Europe soccer held at once in 4. Since the Europe soccer league (UEFA) of the world's No.1 [ member nation / of a soccer power ] sponsors, it is the convention which competes for real Europe No.1.

The Europe championship by the Europe soccer league sponsorship will be proposal of the France soccer league Henry DERONEI director in 1958. "Nations Cup" It starts by the name to say. The 1st time, it was performed by the tournament system from 58 years to 60 years, and the Soviet Union of those days won the victory. Then, it is changed into the present name from the 3rd time, and this participation frame in a convention is expanded to 16 nations from the 10th time to the eight nations till then. UEFA held in Portugal this time EURO2004TM serves as the 12th convention.

‘The Finals By The 1st Time - Present

Holding name Championship Score The 2nd place
12th EURO2004 Portugal Greece 2 vs 1 Portugal
11th RO2000 Netherlands Belgium France 2 vs 1 Italy
10th EURO1996 England Germany 2 vs 1 Czech Republic
09th EURO1992 Sweden Denmark 2 vs 0 Germany
08th EURO1988 West Germany Netherlands 2 vs 0 Soviet Union
07th EURO1984 France France 2 vs 0 Spain
06th EURO1980 Italy Germany 2 vs 1 Belgium
05th EURO1976 Yugoslavia Czech Republic 2 vs 2 Germany
04th EURO1972 Belgium Germany 3 vs 0 Soviet Union
03rd EURO1968 Italy Italy 2 vs 0 Yugoslavia
Italy 1 vs 1 Yugoslavia
02nd EURO1964 Spain Spain 2 vs 1 Soviet Union
01st EURO1960 France Soviet Union 2 vs 1 Yugoslavia

* In EURO1976, it is the championship of Czech Republic at a penalty shootout (5-3).
* A conclusion does not stick by the extra-inning game, but the finals of EURO1968 are a re-game two days after.

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