It introduces about the game method from the primary of EURO2004 to this convention, and a convention.

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Convention Period :

Convention Lottery :

Host Country :

(another-name Europe championship 2004)

UEFA (Europe soccer league)

June 12, 2004 opening - July 4 final

November 30, 2003 (Lisbon)


Host City :

Participation Country :

The Game Method :

Porto, Braga, Faro/Rore, Gimaranesu, Coimbra, Lisbon, Lei rear, Aveiro

16 nations (primary participating 51 nation)

The total number of games 31 games. It is divided into four groups (four nations of one group), a league match is held, and 2 teams of each group higher rank
Final tournament It is alike, and it marches out and fights for a championship.
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The primary of Euro 2004

A primary is performed on the international match day assigned in October, 2003 from September, 2002. 50 nations are performed into all 10 groups (five nations each).

each 1 [ of all 10 groups ] -- a place country -- automatic -- the right to participate in this convention -- acquisition
A total of ten nations of the 2nd place will be a home & away system on November 15, 2003 and every 19th.

Play Off and five nations are this participation in a convention.

This convention of Euro 2004

EURO2004 It holds till ‚Í and June 12, 2004 to July 4.
16 nations of participation are performed into all 4 groups (four nations each). Two nations of higher ranks of each group advance to a quarterfinal.
It becomes a tournament system from a quarterfinal.

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